What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 400 compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants, belonging to a class of molecules known as cannabinoids. A non-toxic compound extracted from these plants, CBD is known for many different applications—from e-liquids to oils, cosmetics to food products.

What's Inside Puff Puff e-liquids?

PG (Propylene Glycol): PG is used as a base in most e-liquids. PG is non-toxic and has no odour. It is responsible for the “throat hit” sensation that you may have heard about. We use PG in our e-liquids to dissolve CBD. It also helps to best deliver the complex terpene aromas found in each flavour.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin): VG gives a light, sweet taste when vaped. VG is more viscous than PG and is responsible for the amount of vapour produced during use. It is widely used in vaping, beauty and food products.

Terpenes: Terpenes are the botanical compounds found in the natural essential oils of plants. Terpenes are responsible for the smell and/or taste of their plants. Hundreds of terpenes must work together to create the aromatic and flavor diversity found in nature around us.

CBD: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 400 compounds found in cannabis belonging to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. It is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, is non-toxic and is known to have many different applications. CBD is used in e-liquids, oils, cosmetics and a variety of food products.

What is the best dosage of CBD?

We provide various CBD concentrations designed to meet the needs of both those that are new to CBD as well as more experienced vapers.

  • Daily vapers will prefer 100mg CBD or 200mg CBD as they vape often and are looking for affordable e-liquids.
  • Occasional vapers will prefer the 300mg for a more concentrated dose of CBD per draw.
  • Experienced CBD users will tend to enjoy higher concentrations such as the 600mg or 1000mg Pure Base.
What are the effects of CBD?

Our products contain CBD but no THC, so they won’t get you “high”. Puff Puff e-liquids are made for adult smokers only. With our CBD e-liquids, you can enjoy a great taste as well as any of the believed benefits that can be obtained from CBD.

What is the PG/VG ratio?

Our e-liquids contain a base of 80/20 PG/VG, which provides the best CBD vaping experience and keeps good stability for our formulations. We don’t use any emulsifier in our e-liquids.

Do Puff Puff CBD e-liquids contain THC or nicotine?

No, Puff Puff CBD e-liquids don’t contain THC or nicotine. The CBD used in Puff Puff products is meticulously extracted industrial hemp strains of the Cannabis sativia genus of plant that contain high concentrations of CBD and negligible concentrations of THC. We purify CBD from the hemp extract to ensure that any THC detected in the analysis we run with independent laboratories on a monthly basis is subsequently extracted.

What wattage should I use when vaping CBD e-liquids with my own vaporizer?

Puff Puff Liquids CBD vape juice is similar in consistency to most of other e-liquids, so feel free to vape it at your preferred wattage. In general, we advise keeping the setting between 10-30 watts depending on the coil you are using. This will provide a great flavor while not vaporising too much e-liquid. Vaping at higher than 40 watts can alter the flavor by disrupting the delicate terpene profiles.

Do I need a special e-cigarette or vaporizer to use CBD e-liquids?

No. You don’t need any special CBD vaporiser to vape CBD e-liquids. You can use Puff Puff e-liquids in any vaporizer or e-cigarette setup—including our starter kits, e-cigarettes, mouth-to-lung clearomisers, sub-ohm tanks, and RDA’s.