Your Checklist for Guaranteeing High-Quality CBD E-Liquids

There are many businesses who try to bamboozle you into buying their CBD products, promising you the top quality products with the best price. Our market research shows that merchandise from more than half of the CBD online stores does not match the terms they are advertised with. In most cases they contain less CBD than promised or in some cases they do not contain CBD at all. Also it is very common to find products made with wrong methodology and equipment causing bitter taste and wrong consistency.

Before you place an order:

  • To avoid falling foul of low-quality CBD products, check that the CBD products being sold have been tested and certified by independent, third-party laboratory. CBD is a relatively new commercial product, the market is pretty much unregulated, and many businesses are keen to take advantage of this. If there’s nothing to hide, test results should be available for you to see.
  • Verify that contact details of the business are public should you want to ask any questions or file a complaint. Businesses that sell inferior CBD products don’t want you contacting them, so they make sure you can’t! You can find Puff Puff Liquids contact details here.

Once your order arrives:

  • Ensure that the liquid inside the bottle has not separated. CBD oil is notoriously difficult to combine with other oils, and separation is a frequent problem for lowgrade products that combine inferior liquids using equipment that is not fit for purpose. Your CBD e-liquid should have a clear, translucent, uniform appearance from the top to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Verify the clarity of your CBD e-liquids. If your CBD e-liquid is cloudy or a dark colour, something is very wrong, and we would advise you against using it as you cannot tell what is wrong with it. It may be poor quality ingredients in the mix, or it could be old stock that has been ‘recycled’. You can verify the quality of Puff Puff Liquids products from the laboratory analysis results available on request via e-mail.