The 5 Benefits Of CBD E-Liquids

Cannabidiol (CBD) was discovered in the 1940s and has been in use since then for treating several medical conditions. Now that the legal framework for public consumption has been set in place, numerous CBD products are swarming the market. Gummies, tablets, oils, and tinctures are some of the products you can take to get the required CBD dosage.

There are multiple ways to take in CBD, but inhalation through e-liquid is one of the most popular methods among users. Here are the 5 CBD vape benefits you can enjoy over other means of consumption.



  • Safe and healthy


Medicinal CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant which contains minuscule amounts (around 0.3% only) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the primary psychoactive component of cannabis. This is why CBD consumption is non-intoxicating and you won’t get “high” from vaping CBD juice.

CBD is primarily used for its medicinal properties. The reported CBD vape benefits experienced by regular users include relaxation, reduced anxiety, comfort, pain relief, and improved mood. 

Sleepiness can be experienced when high doses of CBD are taken. This effect is used to help treat patients with insomnia. On the other hand, low doses of CBD can induce alertness. 

Fig. 1. Medical uses of CBD and other cannabinoids

(Source: Loud Cloud Health)


Aside from the CBD vape benefits discussed, here are other cases where the use of CBD can be effective:


  • Diabetes

The anti-inflammatory property of CBD is believed to be potent in treating type 2 diabetes. Experiments show that CBD can reduce high glucose levels without any side effects.


  • Heart disease

CBD’s anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties can prevent heart disease that can further lead to stroke. Studies show the significant potency of the cardioprotective component in CBD in preventing the damage caused by cerebral ischemia.

CBD oil aids the body in producing good cholesterol known as high-density lipoproteins (HDL). This element combats bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of hypertension, coronary artery disease, and heart attack.


  • Nausea

Vomiting and nausea are the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Studies show that CBD use can reduce the onset of these symptoms. Conditions like motion sickness, vertigo, and chronic stomach issues can also take advantage of this CBD vape benefit.


  • Obesity

Regular CBD users were found to have lower BMIs over those who don’t incorporate CBD in their diet. Cannabidiol can regulate insulin production to burn off unwanted fats.


  • Psychosis

CBD use has been found to reduce the effects and frequency of psychotic episodes. It’s also being used as an alternative treatment for schizophrenia. 


Studies on CBD vape benefits continue to expand as more health applications are discovered. Even though previous studies have shown mixed results, scientists are still looking at CBD and its potential use in preventing cancer.

Everyday consumption of CBD vape is totally safe. The average user consumes around 10mg to 30mg of CBD per day. Those who experience severe pain and are suffering from serious conditions may take as much as 1,000mg per day, depending on the prescription.


CBD has a very low toxicity level. Not a single case of human fatality has been recorded that’s attributable to cannabis overdose. It will take more than 200mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight, not to mention the relatively short amount of time the amount must be consumed, to be at risk of overdosing. 


  • Efficient bioavailability

There are many ways to consume CBD oil. One of the most popular is by oral ingestion through capsules and edibles. 


As the capsule enters the digestive system, it undergoes the process called first-pass metabolism. The extract from the capsule passes through the liver where the CBD component is processed and absorbed into the bloodstream.

The problem with this consumption method is that the concentration of CBD is greatly reduced due to the presence of liver enzymes. Research shows that the bioavailability of CBD when ingested is only around 19%

Other CBD consumption options include sublingual application through tinctures and sprays and topical applications through lotions and balms. The least popular option is through a suppository, although its delivery of CBD components is one of the most efficient and long-lasting.


The most effective among all of these consumption methods is by inhalation through CBD vape products

As the vapor enters into your lungs, it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD molecules are then redistributed throughout the whole body and you’ll immediately feel the relieving effects of the chemical component.

CBD vape bioavailability averages around 34% to 46%, with some formula variations reaching as high as 56%. This means that for a 300mg CBD vape cartridge, you can get a dose of around 138mg of CBD, making the method very potent and effective.


  • Immediate effects

One of the biggest CBD vape benefits is its fast-acting effect compared to other consumption methods. You’ll instantly feel calm and relaxed within minutes after vaping the CBD e-liquid. The quick absorption of CBD can be used to fight sudden anxiety attacks and relieve pain flare-ups. 


Fig. 2. Consumption methods compared

(Source: CBD Origin)


Topical application has the longest time to take effect, while intravenous application has an instantaneous effect. However, the latter is often an unfavorable method of consumption, especially when you’re not in a medical facility.

Inhalation remains to be the next best approach as it offers both convenience and fast absorption rate. It will take only 10 to 20 minutes before you experience the effects of vaping CBD e-liquid.


  • Portable and convenient 

One of the major CBD vape benefits is its portability. An e-cigarette or a vaporizer can easily fit in your pocket, giving you a convenient way to take in CBD whenever you need to.

It can be inconvenient to take in capsules or apply tinctures when you’re outside the comfort of your home. The preparation time and the need for a private space might be unavailable when you experience sudden anxiety attacks. On the other hand, you can easily puff from vape pens or e-cigs when needed.

CBD vaping doesn’t produce a strong odor similar to traditional cigarettes, so you can do it in the open. However, watch out for laws on vaping CBD e-liquid in public places. Some countries or states may have prohibitions and limitations on where you can freely vape.


  • Affordable and accessible

The legal support awarded on the sale and use of hemp-based products turned CBD merchandise into a hot commodity. As a result, vape boutiques and online stores continue to sprout one after another that you won’t run out of options on where to buy vape supplies.

Starter vape kits cost around €15 to €35. Pre-filled kits have a pre-installed juice cartridge and typically have a puff counter to indicate how long the device will last until you use it all up. This type of vape kit is disposable, so there’s no need for maintenance.

On the other hand, refillable kits are more expensive, but they have reusable pods that you can fill with whatever flavor you want. You also have to regularly maintain them by replacing the heater coil and other serviceable parts. 

Puff Puff Liquids sell premium CBD vape juices in pure and flavored variants. Prices range from €10 to €70, depending on the flavor and amount you want to purchase.


Beware of untrustworthy brands that sell products with misleading quantities of CBD. Some of them may even contain synthetic chemicals harmful to your health


Get your CBD vape products from authorized sellers like Puff Puff Liquids. We sell products that have been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to ensure quality and compliance with health regulations.



Although CBD can be consumed by ingestion, intravenous introduction, sublingual administration, and topical application, inhalation through vape and e-cigarettes is the most preferred method by many users due to its numerous advantages. CBD vape benefits include faster absorption rate, higher bio-availability, better portability, and more convenient use. 

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