What is CBD E-liquid - The Ultimate Definition by Puff Puff Liquids

What Is CBD E-Liquid – The Ultimate Definition By Puff Puff Liquids

In recent years, the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids have begun to be widely accepted with the passing of laws legalizing the use of industrial hemp products. More people are learning the difference between cannabis substances and which are safe and non-addictive to use. 


The use of CBD e-liquids is the prevalent method among vapers to safely consume cannabinoids. But what are CBDs and CBD e-liquids? How is it different from other methods of CBD consumption? What are the pros and cons of vaping CBD e-liquid? 


What Is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid is similar to the juice used in traditional e-cigarettes. The only difference is that it contains cannabidiol (CBD) instead of nicotine. 


Cannabis and hemp aren’t to be confused with each other. Although they belong to the same family, hemp is the one industrially grown and legally allowed for medical use. CBD supplements derived from the hemp plant, including vape liquids, are legally allowed in 50 states.


CBD is an active ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. It has almost negligible trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the chemical compound that gives the ‘high’ feeling to users. CBD is non-psychoactive and has been continuously tapped for its medicinal properties before it was even mixed with vape juices.


CBD e-liquid is considered one of the most convenient ways of consuming cannabidiol. It can be partnered with the standard vaporizers and e-cigarettes used for vaping nicotine-based products.


Why Use CBD E-Liquid?

CBD products can be ingested, applied topically, inhaled, or injected intravenously. So, what makes CBD e-liquid the more popular consumption method over the others?


Every drug you take has a specific level of effectiveness called bioavailability. Bioavailability is the fraction of the administered dosage of a drug that’s absorbed and circulated through the body. 


CBD can be consumed through edibles and capsules, tinctures, and creams. But they all have a lower bioavailability compared to vaping CBD e-liquids which is around 40% to 50%. This means that for every 20mg of CBD e-liquid you consume, your body is absorbing up to 10mg from it. 


Unless you have a serious illness that needs a higher drug efficiency, vaping CBD e-liquid is the best method next to intravenous application.


Another advantage of vaping CBD e-liquid is its fast absorption rate. Since it’s inhaled, it quickly gets into the bloodstream just like how oxygen is delivered to the body. It will take only around 10 to 20 minutes for the CBD to show its potency. Within this period, you’ll feel the relieving effects and receive the health benefits provided by the medicinal compound.


Types of CBD E-liquid

There are different ways CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and mixed into the vape juice. It can exist in any of the following forms as indicated on the label of your CBD e-liquid:

  • Full-spectrum CBD

Cannabinoids, along with the full range of naturally occurring compounds, are extracted from the hemp plant. This includes traces of THC that are within legally approved amounts of up to 0.5%. 


The presence of terpenes and other organic compounds enable full-spectrum CBDs to provide more health benefits compared to other CBD types. It also gives the whole entourage effect to users for a more pleasant vaping experience.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD

Cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant similar to how it’s done with full-spectrum CBDs. The difference is that the THC is removed to prevent any psychoactive effect it might induce.


This is the choice for users who want to benefit from the entourage effect without risking the chance of getting allergic reactions from THC.

  • CBD isolate

Cannabidiol is isolated from the rest of the extracted cannabinoids to produce 99% pure CBD compound. This removes the entourage effect, but it still provides the full health benefits given by CBD consumption.


CBD isolate is the commonly used compound with oils, e-liquids, and other CBD products. Most of the vape juices Puff Puff Liquids contain CBD isolates in both flavored and unflavored variants.

What’s in Your CBD E-Liquid?

The CBD component itself can’t be vaped. It has to be mixed with a vaporizable ‘carrier’ to make the e-liquid whole.



  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)


VG is a natural compound derived from plant oil. By heating the plant oil under pressure, the glycerol is removed and processed to produce a thick, odorless liquid called glycerin. VG is often used in manufacturing food, medicine, and cosmetics, so rest assured it’s safe to use.


VG has a sweeter taste compared to other carriers and may slightly affect the flavor of your CBD e-liquid. 


Since VG is thicker, it gives less throat hit that some vapers look for. But in exchange, you get thicker smoke clouds with each puff.


VG is highly hypoallergenic and is relatively smoother to consume which is why it’s widely popular among vapers.



  • Propylene glycol (PG)


PG is made of odorless and flavorless alcohol that mixes well with vape flavorings. It’s thinner than VG, so it’s easier to heat up using standard vape devices.


PG is preferred by vapers because it gives a better throat hit. Since it’s thinner, you don’t have to worry about gunk buildup even after continuous use. The downside is that it doesn’t produce as much smoke as VG-concentrated mixtures. 


PG acts as a preservative to prolong the lifespan of your CBD e-liquid. The thing about this is that many people seem to be allergic to it compared to VG. If you experience swelling gums, sinus problems, rashes, or dryness of throat, there’s a possibility that you’re allergic to PG. 



  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT)


MCT is mainly fat derived from food products like palm and coconut oils. It is an alternative to VG and PG and is the choice for vapers who are allergic to both ingredients. 


MCT is flavorless and odorless, so it won’t affect the taste of your flavored CBD e-liquid. 



  • Terpenes


Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. There are thousands of terpenes existing in nature and 100 of them are found in the same plant where medicinal CBD is extracted


The organic compound not only enhances the flavor of your CBD e-liquid but also brings several health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties that other carriers can’t provide.


Full-spectrum CBD e-liquids contain terpenes that provide the so-called entourage effect. Premium CBD vape juices with all-organic components usually have terpenes as the carrier liquid.


Resolving the Confusion of Terms

There’s been confusion on the terms used to describe vape liquids and oral tinctures in the CBD community. Depending on the context, the terms ‘CBD e-liquid’ and ‘CBD oil’ are often interchanged to broadly describe mixtures that can be vaped.

CBD in itself exists in a solid form that looks like grains of salt. For it to be absorbed by the body, it must be dissolved in a substance designed either to be vaped or to be ingested. This is where the difference between e-liquids and oils arises.


CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice is the mixture designed to be consumed using vaporizers and e-cigarettes. They contain carrier oils intended to be vaporized and absorbed by the body through the respiratory system.


On the other hand, CBD oils or CBD hemp oils are meant to be ingested or applied sublingually. The CBD compound is mixed with food-grade substances such as coconut oil, olive oil, or hemp seed oil to make it easier for the body to absorb. 

CBD e-liquids shouldn’t be ingested orally the same way that CBD oils shouldn’t be vaped. Using the substances for purposes they’re not designed to fulfill will just make them ineffective.

Tips for Using CBD E-Liquids



  • Proper storage


Keep your CBD e-liquid under room temperature and out of direct sun exposure. Extreme temperatures can cause CBD degradation, rendering the mixture ineffective when vaped.



  • Vape device


The appropriate vape device to be used must depend on what type of CBD e-liquid you’re consuming. The PG/VG ratio of the vape juice will determine whether you need a standard vaporizer or a sub-ohm device. 



  • Verifying authenticity


CBD e-liquids have to be lab-tested to ensure they contain only compounds intended to be inhaled by users. Look for the certification on each product to ensure it has undergone independent testing from an authorized laboratory. If the seller can’t provide this, walk away and look for another retailer where you can purchase your CBD vape needs.


At Puff Puff Liquids you’re guaranteed to receive independently tested products from certified laboratories. We regularly have our CBD e-liquids tested and reviewed to ensure we sell only safe products beneficial to our customers.

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