Why vaping CBD is so effective

There are various ways you can take cannabidiol (CBD) for its purported health benefits. It can be consumed as part of a food or CBD food supplement, it can be smoked as one of the nearly 130 individual chemicals that make up cannabis, or CBD can be ‘vaped’.

Alternatives to vaping CBD e-liquid

When we eat something, once it enters the stomach, that food is broken down by enzymes and subsequent nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. However, not only does all this take time, but certain nutrients are more easily absorbed than others and therefore the efficiency of absorption through the stomach can be very hit and miss, as well as inefficient. In many cases, to maximise the absorption of nutrients of one type of food,  you have to take another food with it, which can all get rather complicated.

Smoking is bad for your health. Not only does it damage the lungs, but it can cause heart and cardiovascular disease. Obtaining the benefits of CBD that is contained within cannabis usually involves either smoking cannabis as ‘weed’ – in dried form – or in the form of a resin that is mixed with tobacco. We all know the dangers of tobacco smoking, so it doesn’t take a lot to work out that when it comes to maximising the benefits of CBD vape juice, everything points in one direction – towards vaping

Vaping CBD , CBD vape juice and CBD e-liquid

These are all terms used for the same product, but the ‘vaping community’ doesn’t always use the same phrase for the same thing, and we want to help you avoid any confusion. 

The British Heart foundation say that vaping is 95% less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes. In addition, when vaping the CBD e-liquid CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs in the most efficient and rapid means. The lungs are made up of a collection of small air sacs and capilliaries, so the actual surface area that the CBD vapour comes into contact with is massive, while the millions of capillaries enable the almost instant absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream.

Beyond the efficiency of vaping and the illegality of cannabis other than for medical purposes which is only permissible in certain countries, vaping CBD e-liquid is simple, straightforward and easy. Providing you have your vape pen or e-cigarette with you, then you can get a CBD hit whenever you want.

Greater quality control for CBD , CBD vape juice and CBD e-liquid

Here at Puff Puff Liquids, we only supply the very finest quality of CBD vape juice, CBD vape or CBD e-liquid – depending on what you prefer to call it. The only way we can do this is by knowing exactly where the CBD, either in concentrated oil form, or as CBD isolate (a 99% pure form of CBD), comes from, as well as the vaping liquid itself. It is because we have such a reputation for quality that other retailers of CBD e-liquids use our products but with their own label on them. So, it is not only our reputation that is at stake, which is why we continually carry out stringent quality control procedures.  

Want to know more before placing an order with us? Get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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